Pow Wow Clinic & Dinner

April 11, 2018


Wednesday evening Pow Wow’s begin on April 11th! We meet in the short game area at 6:00 pm. We will discuss and practice a score saving shot from around the green for 45 minutes. You will then have an opportunity to play 3-4 holes or practice. The group will convene back at the clubhouse for appetizer, drinks and a grilled entree with the club pro manning the grill. Cost: $50.00. A reminder email will be sent out the week prior with the stroke of the week. Replying to the email is one way to sign up orĀ  click the Register tab on the website. Guests are welcome to attend.




6:00 pm


Members, Spouses and Guests

Entry Fee

  • Price per person $50

Kanawha Club