Kanawha Club

The Fellowship Cup

May 1, 2021


  • Handicapped double elimination Match Play Tournament stroking off of the low handicap each match. Each match will be 9-holes or until there is a winner of the match.
  • This is a mixed event. One division only.
  • Players are seeded based off of prior season’s play and handicap indices with last season’s champion seeded 1.
  • A (Scalped) bracket will be created if you lose a match, but you still can win it all!
  • Schedule your own matches
  • You will have 2 weeks to schedule and play each match some flexibility during July and August due to vacation times of members.
  • Handicap – Your handicap index converted to Kanawha’s.
  • Tees
    • Men – Middle Tees
    • 65+ – Forward Tees (-2 strokes off of your handicap)
    • Women – Forward Tees


Season Long Match Play


All members

Entry Fee

  • Tournament entry per player $25

Kanawha Club